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Moved to the new house in October of 2012. I finally got most everything "moved" in place and organized a few months later. :) My space is an IMPRESSIVE 12x20 ish feet. I don't use all the space, just the walls really. It's nice to be able to spread out though.

Here are a few pics of my work area. I use this area for everything. I also have space out in the garage for the big tools. :)
This is basically "The Stash". I also have a shelf where there are some resins and some completed builds in a case that don't fit in my "good cabinet".
This is where my paint booth will eventually go (next couple months). There is a perfect space for the exhaust tubing to leave the house as well. I have a nice spot for decal work here too.
This is the same as my old bench. I just have more space around it.
Here is the workbench with a couple cheap little paint holders I made a few years ago. Just balsa and some tiny tacks to hold it all together. Works really slick.
This is the whole space. I stole the rug from the wife. We have tile floor now, so we don't have a use for it upstairs. WIN!

Finally finished the booth! Basically just looked at the measurements of all the common paint booths and designed my own. I used this site for the calculations and a starting point. I decided I wanted a downdraft because that would require the least amount of CFM (hence, possibly cheaper/possibly quieter motor). I used a cardboard box as a template for the basic design. Started with a 16x20x1 air filter and ran calculations based on that. Here are some additional details:
I bought this motor. Then I put a chunk of extension cord on it. I also added a new plugin to that location that runs back to the breaker box about 20 feet away. I used melamine coated THIN sheet to build it. It has a 2x4 frame under it though...
I also purchased a new air brush compressor. It was only $100 shipped and is VERY quiet and works VERY well. It comes with a regulator and water trap and hose too!
The venting was easy. The hardest part was cutting a 4" hole in my new house! :)
Overall, I'm VERY impressed with the setup. I think I totaled it up at about $250 for the electrical line/breaker, LED light, compressor, exhaust fan/piping, power strip (with individual switches) - EVERYTHING.