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Completed works for 2015
New builds for 2015...

1987 Davey Allison Thunderbird 1/43 Starter
Started this one over Christmas break. Great, quick build. It came with 5 hole wheels. I've purchased the smallest resin set I could, so I'll cast some 9 hole wheels in place of the 5 spokers.

Got it primed and painted, then put on the side stripe decals, then cleared with Mr Hobby Clear. It seemed to go on perfect, but made the red decals split/crack, so I painted red over top of the decals. That part went fine. When I pulled the tape from over painting the black decal, it pulled off some gold decal which I couldn't match with paint.
Now, I've stripped it and starting over. I'll have to hand paint (mask) the stripes, but I had already done that on the red and black anyway. Should be fairly smooth from here...

Worked on the interior last night. Got it all wrapped up other than the shifter and steering wheel. I'll add those tonight. I also need to add a couple crossing bars to the cage. I should have done that prior to painting, I think. Then I'll add some roll bar padding as well.
The seat belts are just red patch material with some SUPER small Simpson logos on them. The rest is just detail paint.

We have paint! Started out this time by masking and painting the gold. The red didn't cover well at all though, so I had to prime it white, then red again. This left too big of an edge, so I stripped it.
The third time I started with white, then cleared with Mr Hobby gloss. Then I masked where the white line had to be and shot the red. then I shot the gold, and finally the black. It worked pretty well.
Finally got the window frames done as well. Masking with liquid mask and BMF is the way to go here! Nice sharp lines on a VERY small body!

The wheels that come with the Starter kit are 5 holes like the ones that come with the Revell kits. Not sure why, but they do. They need to be changed out for 9 holes. I have a set of 9 holes that I used to build my 91 Davey Allison Thunderbird, so I pulled those off and tried my hand at casting!
Now I can finish this one up. First build of 2015!!!

Put the decals and wheels on and it's finished up! I also added some PE washers and 24g wire for hood pins.

1968 Jim Clark Lotus 49 (Ebbro)
I have a group build on a forum for an F1 car. I couldn't turn up the chance to start on this beauty!

Just have the cockpit assembled, parts off the sprues, and chrome is soaking off as well... more shortly.

Cockpit is almost complete. I had it painted, but ran to the shop to get some more Alclad Polished Aluminum, and ran across those Archer rivet decal transfers. They work pretty slick. They are the ones in a row toward the front and back. The other rivets are 1mm and 0.5 mm Top Studio rivets. I also added some PE welds.
And the dash plate is finished as well. That was just bare black plastic with Model Masters Chrome paint on the rings, decals and epoxy for the lenses. I also added a few Top Studio switches and a button. I'll need to replace those PE screw caps with some solid rivets as well.
You can see there is a texture to the paint. It wasn't intentional, but I like it for some reason. Looks like an epoxy paint or something.

Got some time on the bench this weekend and able to take some pics last night. Wheels/tires are mostly done. May do some weathering on them later. Radiator was shortened and painted. Same with axles/outdrives and steering wheel.
I also decided to add some wires to the back of the dash since you'll be able to see back there since I'm using the yellow tinted windshield.
Engine is basically complete. I forgot to add the oil tank (or whatever is mounted on the back in the tank that attaches to both heads). I have that soaking now to remove the chrome. So far, no factory chrome on this thing. :)

I used a piece of frog tape on a piece of white printer paper (in the location where it would print the template) and printed it out again. (Thanks for the template Michael! http://www.indycals.net/decals/f1/67lotus49.html.) Then I cut that out with a new #11 blade and applied the printed (tape) template to the car. I then "sealed" the tape with a little clear airbrushed on the edges, then hit it with the green and sealed everything with 2 part.
Pretty well finished with the main parts of the chassis. I can add the front suspension when the side body panels are finished. The coolant pipes will need some modifications, but that can't be finalized until I get the body panels on.
Next update should be completion. :)

Finished a couple things up on this build and it's in the books. I added some PE fasteners and a couple welds on the front tank. Overall, a pretty easy build. In mind sight, I probably would not have shortened the radiator supports. That creates A LOT more work. :)

Tamiya Volvo 850 Saloon BTCC
I'm planning on attending the 2015 NNL South in Atlanta Georgia on November 14th. This year's show theme is Wagons and Vans. I thought I had to do a wagon for this... I only have one. :)

I've started on this a few weeks ago. I wanted to add a shred of detail to this one, not just OOTB. On the dash, I've just added the coil for the steering wheel and a turned knob (button) for the wheel itself. The center console got a coat of carbon fiber and all new switches from Top Studio.
The seat got a coat of "suede" and then decaled on the back with OOTB Kevlar decals. The belts are patch material with some hardware I had.
Underbody was detailed with airbrushing some sepia and smoke on the exhaust, ciggy foil for the heat shielding, and Tamiya makeup, er, I mean Tamiya Wethering set for the highlighting.
I added a couple brake lines for the ebrake as well. I will also be adding some external shock reservoirs, and some additional wiring in the passenger compartment area.
The paint was basically all white with the dark blue being decal. The light blue is paint and was a pain in the ass. Total masking took about 4 hours to mask and 2 minutes to paint.

Deadline looming... I finished up the interior wiring. I think it looks busy enough.

Done in plenty of time. Finished off the final details the night before I leave for Atlanta. Here it is.