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Completed works for 2014
New setup for 2014, so I'm back to building at the new house.

1976 Jacky Ickx Porsche 935
I picked this kit up for $20 at the show in KC last year. I wanted a quick build to snap out of my funk and get back to building something. The grand total of 20 parts should do it! :)
I'm planning on adding some "viewable" details. Things like hood pins, windshield wiper, fuel and battery kill switches, etc. So far, a fun build. Pretty hard to mess up with so few parts and a white paint job! :)

At this point, I've filled all the seams, smoothed the panels, rescribed the panel lines, took out the fuel fillers and oil fillers on the hood. I also added the drip rail acorss the top of the windows leading to the back engine cover. I also opened up the vent up in front of the cowel and drilled a couple holes for fuel and battery cut-offs. I decided to add a slot for the tow hook up front as well.
the wheels have been detialed out, but I think will get some Tamiya smoke as well to tone down the Tamiya chrome. I have detailed out the dash too... Decals are OOTB (Cartograph). I added blobs of epoxy to simulate glass. The top is a texture paint painted SG Black, then weathered with some "snow" to lighten it up and make it more gray.
The interior was shot with Tamiya SG Black out of the can, then hit with some "snow" weathering to lighten the edges and darken the shadows. I also added pull straps from athletic tape with red Sharpie.
Currently it's sitting in Tamiya White covered in Tamiya Clear waiting on decals. I also hit the front edge with some Zero Paint MP4 McLaren red.

Got to the decal table for the first time in 2 years... Long drought.
I used an Eduard Sparco photo etch seatbelt. They are OK to work with, but some of the black does chip off and need repaired. It looks great with minimal work though, which is nice for a build like this. And... It only costs $7 for a pair of them, so it's cheap too!

Finally put the finishing touches on. Added PE hood pins, wiper, tow hooks, fuel and battery cutoffs, and oil and fuel caps. Added an extinguisher to the interior, and buttoned it all up. I also added mesh screen in the grills. Overall, it makes an OLD motorized Tamiya kit look pretty good. :)

1988 Buddy Baker Oldsmobile
I had a request from someone to build this one for them, so I thought I'd build one for myself as well. I've never built one of the Monogram Olds before. They are fairly straight forward though. Everything seems to fit very well. We'll see if I can get that YELLOW plastic to cover up with white paint!

I think I forgot how to shoot pics. Here are the latest updates to the Olds...
Paint is on, clear is on, polish done. Next up, decals... and better pics. :)

More better pics. Decals started. Shiny decals on a shiny body is sex-say...

Finished this one up. Hoosier tire decals, photo etch hood pins and some grill tape. Hey, Mike, I'm done! :)