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Completed works for 2013
After a move in 2012 and a new start in a new model room, I'm back on track to build some stuff. Here's to 2013!

2007 Kevin Harvick Reece's COT Chevy Impala
I was planning on building this for the Atlanta NNL in 2012. Then my wife and I decided to build a new house, things got put on hold, yadda, yadda, yadda....

This was just a quicky build pretty much straight out of the box. I didn't wire anything up, didn't add the missing bars or anything. I threw some detail decals in the interior and that's about it. It has Revell wheels and tires on it with Thads ALPS decals.

1989 Ferrari F1/89 (640) - Gerhard Berger - Portuguese GP winner
I bought this kit for $15 with the Studio 27 PE with it! I also picked up the decals at the same time and it was instantly a kit I had to build. My first Ferrari too!

This is my 4th F1 project, but my first Ferrari! Pretty cool looking 1989 car that finished 3rd in points.
There are a couple things I've decided to go after on this project... One is the front side panels around the suspension arms. They need to be sealed and puttied. I have already sealed them and working on putty now... just sand, prime, sand, prime... I also managed to "pin" all the suspension parts in place. I'll tell you, that job sucks!
The other is the piping in the engine bay. I'm not going to super detail it, but the coolant lines HAVE to be added. If you've seen pics of this engine bay, you'd agree!

Added some color, decals and clear! Here are a couple shots and a couple close-ups. I also added some CF decals to the wings, etc.
The monocoque is being finished now. I have the center tub closer to completion. I added foil to the sides, CF weave to the pods, a differnet CF pattern to the top, and some heat shielding to the back and the upper edges. The tops of the tank are silver CF coated in clear amber and clear smoke, then coated with future for a good shine.
I also added a fuel filler access cap to the body. I just thought it needed it.

Long time, no update.
Starting to get into assembly mode on the F189. Engine and rear suspension are now complete other than detailing. Wheels and tires are complete. Front and rear wings are complete. I still need to attach the nose to the front - it will be permanently fixed. I also still need to attach all exterior fasteners as well as wire and plumb the engine bay.
Lots of carbon fiber though, and it's all done except the spoiler posts that I forgot to do at the time...

Finished this one up a little too late to take to a local show. I went to the show anyway and when I got there, there was only one car! Everything else was military (planes, ships, land rovers, etc). Oh well, that will teach me to not procrastinate! (Right!)
Lots of CF! I think I can count 5 different kinds. Lots of PE!