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Completed works for 2012
Completed builds for 2012... shooting for double digit completed builds this year! :)

2002 Yamaha YZR500 MotoGP bike
Picked this kit up super cheap a few years ago when my shop had it on clearance. I grabbed the Studio 27 decals recently at a show. Here is the ref pic. I'd LOVE to build the #50 test bike of Sylvain Guintoli, but I can't find ANY reference pictures, so it looks like it'll be Shinya Nakano's 56 bike.

I shot a quick mockup to make sure I know what I'm doing, then it was off to the, uh... races. :)
I painted the coolant hoses, then used liquid mask to cover the hose part, then shot Alclad DurAluminium. I also shot all the SG black for carbon fiber... Then masked off the engine to paint the block Magnesium (just to look darker than the aluminum cylinders) and then masked the top off for aluminum.
The exhausts have been puttied... That job is gonna suck! :)
All the main parts have their first color on... Now I'll mask most all of them and start detail painting. With as much vacation as I have coming for Christmas, I might even have this one done before the end of the year!!

Almost all the body panels painted (just need to get the neon yellow down).
And... Lots of CF time on the kitchen table after the kids go to bed! :)

A lot done over the last few days... Body panels cleared, most of the parts are ready to go. I put a wash on the radiator, finished the swing arm, assembled part of the chassis, and forks.
It's really starting to come together.

Decal party!! Interior panels complete, exterior panels complete (except the tank which needs the bottom painted aluminum before I decal it) and all carbon fibering is done! The interior panels surely aren't perfect (some pin marks and wrinkles), but it was my first time doing that, and I think it turned out OK.
One cool reference pic I saw had a "wrap" around the shock reservoir, so I used a little chunk of VERY lightweight fiberglass. I folded it in half and wrapped it with thin strips of tamiya tape painted black for zip ties!
After some quick asssembly of the chassis parts, I realize how close I am. It is really starting to shape up!

Hopefully the last update before completion! Exhaust is finished. I started out painting it Alclad black with Alclad chrome, but it was too bright, so I painted it Alclad Duraluminum (or dark aluminum, not sure) and that really kept the color, but took the brightness off.
Then I hit the weld seams with Model Masters Exhaust. I tried to make the black wider than the weld, so you'd be able to see the black from the chrome I was going to put over the top of it...
Next was the chrome. I used Model Masters Chrome Silver with the smallest brush I have. Once that dried. I overcoated it with Tamiya acrylic clear orange. That gave the welds a really shiney GOLD look to them.

Finally able to finish this one up. I have been waiting on the Yamaha logos for the tank and some PE welds to finish the stand. The welds still haven't shown up, so I used some streched styrene and some rolled epoxy putty then formed them the best I could.

1998 Jerry Nadeau Power Puff Girls Taurus
Finally getting around to building some "rare" NASCAR builds. This decal can fetch $50 on ebay. I decided to actually build it!

Here are the uber rare Power Puff Girls decals. My 4yo daughter LOVED the fact that Daddy was painting a car pink. After I got a couple decals on she couldn't beleive there were little cartoon girls on there! She has no clue who the PPGs are though... before her time, for sure! :)
I was actually surprised at how BIG these decals are. They seem like they'd be a better fit for 1/22 or something. If I would have paid more attention, I could have messed with them a little, but the gap between the graphics on the door is going to be WAY too small. The hood decal is WAY too big as well. That's cool though, there is only so much I could have done anyway...

Little to no WIP on this one, but it's just a NASCAR with very little detailing. Glad to have another one in the case.

2002 Dale Earnhardt Jr "Gassamer" Monte Carlo
I'm a big fan of "rare" decals. This one is NO exception. :)
My buddy Dave T said the car was painted Huggar Orange and they put “Zirillac” in the clear which is little cut prism pieces of glass for the pearl so the lights at Richmond would make the paint glimmer...
I opted for Testors Huggar Orange with a light dusting of Tamiya Pearl, then I covered it in 2 part clear.

Decals, meet freshly polished body! :)

Hardly any WIP on this one. At the end I found a package of Modern Motorsports "Goodies" that I added. Things like a roof camera and antenna. I also added Crazy Modeler hood pins and scratch built the rear camera.