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Completed works for 2007
These are in order of completion. 10 total. 7 of them are new the newer style kits with the simplified chassis. I need to get to work on more from the 80's!

2001 Rusty Wallace Miller Lite "No Bull" Ford
I was going to add the plate accessories to this one, but I remembered it too late. To be honest, this one was on the bench with about 12 others. I wanted to get some done to clean things up a bit. This one suffered because of that. JWTBM decals with add ons from the No Bull sheet.

2003 Jeremy Mayfield Mountain Dew Dodge
This was a pretty straight forward build. I had decaled another 03 Dodge, but the decals didn't fit properly, and I didn't do my homework, so I stripped it, and painted it black for this one. I had some problems with the upper front decal. I put on the lower first, so the upper had to go higher so it wouldn't cover up the grills, and there are a couple wrinkles, I just could not get out. All in all a pretty cool looking build though.

2001 Sterling Marlin Coors Light/Brooks & Dunn Dodge
Sterlings car was a fun build. I normally have some reason for building a kit, but this one I really didn't. I had the kit and the decals so I built it. The chassis was built intended for use with resin Grand Prix body. When that project tanked, I used the body that lended the chassis. I slapped on some JWTBM decals (B E A U tiful) and some Crazy Modeler photo etch stuff, and WHA LA!!

2005 Kurt Busch IRWIN TOOLS Ford Taurus
JWTBM decals on a Revell body with Tamiya rattle can paint. I can't remember, but I think I used Mica Blue. I also tried a new clear coat uing that Shimrinz line from House of Kolor. I really didn't like it. It comes out glossy, but seems to get more orange peel as it dries (like DAYS afterward). You can see the orange peel in the pics compared to the Snap On car which was cleared in Tamiya (neither one polished). Basic box stock build. I did change the dash to the newer spec though.

2003 Kevin Harvick Snap On Tools/Goodwrench Engines Monte Carlo
Slixx decals on a Revell body coated in Duplicolor Currant Red (I believe). One of my favorite schemes of all time. I love the red with silver and black. I even duplicated this scheme a little on a couple RC truck bodies I used to race.

2003 #01 Army Pontiac Grand Prix
Modern Motorsports resin Pontiac with JWTBM decals. I started this one as the Pirates of the Caribbean GP, but the decals had a white line on top (off register maybe) that I didn't see until they were on the car, so I'm taking another stab at it with this set of JWTBM Army decals. They look fierce! I don't think there is anything this sheet doesn't have!

I went ahead and stripped the body of all the Pirates of the Caribbean decals and all the black paint. I shaved the side skirts that came on it in favor of some thinner ones. I'll post pics ASAP.

Painted the body all black. There'd be a hood here if it weren't for that 3M tape giving way when I was holding it at an angle when I was painting it! :( Oh well, I've since sanded it smooth, and it is waiting it's clearcoat as well.
With this paint, I decided to go with Duplicolor. I shot it with 3 mist coats of black, wet sanded with 2000, then 2 wet coats. I then shot it with 2 wet coats of clear 2 days later. That stuff seems to take forever to gas out. I then hit some of the harsh areas with 2000 again. Then I went to town polishing! I used Tamiyas compounds in order... coarse, fine and finish.

I finished my hood this weekend, so I also added a few decals to it. I started with the door "splashes" then let it dry for a good day or two. Then I started with the main graphics. I didn't use any of the underlays. I tried the USG Sheetrock decal on trunk, and the coverage was great. That made my decision easy, that the underlays wouldn't be needed.
Just a little more work on the chassis, a few window clips, then paint that hood hinge and this one will be wrapped up.

I found time to mount the wheels/tires, add some spoiler bolts, attach some window clips, and add some tape. I didn't go too crazy with this build. I have a hard enough time getting builds completed without going too overboard. On to the pics...

1995 #23 Smokin Joes/Camel Thunderbird
I have the chassis done and the body slab sided. I have this one sitting in Tamiya Yellow. I'm going to let it gas out then airbrush some purple pearl!!

Pearl purple has been applied courtesy of my Iwata BCS. Ron Greulich was nice enough to send me a couple ounces. Wow, that stuff looks nice when it's applied. I then clear coated it. Now it's awaiting it's polishing...

Finito!! I added Crazy Modeler hood pins and a Modern Motorsports exhaust. I ended up using a hood logo off another set of decals as the Mooseworks set was thin like toilet paper. It looked some off shade of orange by the time I laid it on purple hood.

1994 #2 Rusty Wallace MGD Thunderbird
I finally got my decals in the mail. First time Powerslide user. These decals rock in quality and fit and finish. Not up to Cartograph, but not Carto price either. I started this one a few months ago with Mooseworks decals. They were crap, so I made it into the Smokin' Joes car above. When I found out Mike was making these decals, I immediately started up a new body with some Tamiya black and started a new chassis for the Smokin' Joes car.
Got it done this morning. Very Nice!! :)

2002 #9 Dodge Viper
Just topped this one off. It started out intended as a full detail build, but I ran into too many roadblocks, and I'm not very persistant! :) The cage was a pain to detail, so I went with a stock chassis and added some little details to it like the seat which I lightly modified. The dash was modified, the wheels and tires were detailed out and I added little details here and there. Overall a fun build, I just wanted to get it off my bench because it was taking too long to make something that wasn't much further from box stock. Below is the WIP and finished pics...

Body is mostly done, needs primed. I went with the kit spoiler, thinned down. I have some interior bits done as seen below. I'll probably re-do the interior window net a little cleaner. The wheels and tires are also done.

Body is now done, and primed. Spoiler holes all drilled, front modified and done. I added some EMS logos to the wheels, and did a completely new set of tires. I added the Dodge, Ram and Simpson logos to the interior net. The dash is almost complete. I used the MCG dash set with JWTBM decals in the back, then Slixx details on the "passenger" side. I also added the a-pillar cage bar to the body for integration. I think the body is wrapped up. I just need to get kicking on that chassis and then I can start to paint and decal the body (after the fitting test!) :)

Let the decalling commence!! :)
I first painted it black to darken up the red a bit and also because the spoiler is black, and I didn't want to have to paint it black after decalling the body. The coverage was elite.
I've already added the black window trim. Next, I'll start on adding the white underlays, then on to the good stuff!

I had some time this last weekend, and I've been making some time each night to throw a couple decals on. I still need to do some touch-up painting, but its getting there.
I'll detail up some windows and get them installed in the next few days. I also need to add a chin spoiler which I think will be PE then decal over it to make it look taped up.
Having a baby means you're never able to work on stuff over the weekend. There is always someone at your house you need to entertain! :)

Here are the completed pics.

1981 Purolator Thunderbird
I started this build with all intents of finishing in 24 hours. I had the chassis done and primer and paint, but the paint wasn't the right color, so I stripped it and painted it up like the Purolator car of Neil Bonnett. Then I was reminded (thanks Ron!) that the chassis for the Purolator car was red, not gray, so I started a new chassis.

Here it is finished up. I BMF'd the window trim and used Tamiya's masking tape for the fine lines and curves between the red and white. The decals are a conglomerate of kit for the foil 21's and contingencies, Slixx for the 21 on the top and tires and Yesterdays for the Purolators.