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Completed works for 2005
These are in order of completion. My first moderate detailed car with the Havoline build. I then thought I'd try adding some detail to the Miller Buick and Carhartt builds.

1988 Davey Allison Havoline Thunderbird
Probably my first try at detailing. at any level. I added flocking to the seat, hood pins, window net, seat belts, exhaust dumps from aluminum tube, and bmf stips on the bumpers. I also used kit decals (can't wait til WetWorks comes out with these) and a tire stencil for the lettering.

1995 Ernie Irvan NAPA/United Ford F150
This was my first resin body. I got it from Comp Resins. It was a pretty good one to start with, because the body was pretty nice and smooth. I used an AMT chassis, but Revell wheels/tires. I had to move the interior cab forward a little, but it was pretty painless. Decals by slixx, paint was Tamiya decanted, and sprayed on with my new (at the time) Iwata BCS. I also added some PE grills, hood pins, roof cam, antennae, and detached the steering wheel.

1985 Bobby Allison Miller American Buick
This was a must build just because of the decals. I'm thinking of buying another set to hang on the wall. :) I love the look of the red/white with gold foil 22's. I added some interior bits you can see in the third pic, but other than that, not much.

2002 Rusty Wallace Miller Lite/Harley Davidson Taurus
I always loved this scheme, but you never saw it built. The JWTBM decals went on like a charm. There was a little paint mask included with the decals too. I added new side glass, fuel filler, spoiler rods/bolts, pointed wheel studs, and an antennea.

1999 Jeremy Mayfield Mobil 1 25th Anniversary Taurus
I had a quick build, snap tite, type of kit hanging around, and I'd always wanted to build this car. I took the slixx decals and narrowed the red lines significantly, then doubled up on the 12's. Other than that, it's pretty much out of the box.

2000 Bobby Hamilton Koak/Navy Monte Carlo
My intention when I started this build was to build all the Armed Forces cars that ran in the 2000 Coca/Cola 600. This was the first. The Coast Guard car was supposed to be #2, but I couldn't get the decals to do what I wanted, and the other three aren't available as high quiality, so project aborted. :)

2003 Matt Kenseth Carhartt/DeWalt Taurus
I added a resin tail to this one. It is a little more rounded than the one on the kit. I added some other things like pointed wheel studs, new spoiler, spoiler bolts/rods, and fuel filler. I also used Tamiya black with House of Kolor Cinnamon Pearl. I think it is a great color combo!