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Updated April 4, 2016
Here are my current Works In Progress. Not really in any particular order.

1978 Walter Wolf Racing Wolf WR1
I thought I'd start this kit as it's almost my oldest F1 kit from my shelf. I'm building this along side some others on F1M.com as a "Shelf of Doom" build. :)

I've basically started prepping parts. I've added the holes for rivets and air fillers on the wheels. I also decided to detach the rear sections from the monocoque cover. They'll likely be displayed off.
While I put the headers together, I thought it would work better to use aluminum tubing. I added a 1/2" piece of plastic that fit perfectly inside the aluminum tubing directly to the collector. Then the aluminum slid right over the top. Now I just need to blend those in.
I also started modifying the dash. I've smoothed everything out on the sides, then opened some holes like the original. I drilled holes for upcoming switches, etc, as well. I also added some thin plastic card to the attachment point to better match the real car.
The rear wing was something I wanted to address. You can see in the pics how the original "stay" is assembled compared to my modified version. The center section would have taken too much work to shape to correct specs, so I used parts from both of my kits to make one good part. The wing itself has been smoothed, sides have been drilled for rivets as well. I will also be putting rivets on the top and bottom surfaces of the front and back wings to better match the real car.

US Air Force SR 71 Blackbird
My dad was in the Air Force. Back when I was a kid, we went to air shows all the time. This was easily my favorite non fighter plane. After doing some research, I think this is the coolest plane ever built. It broke the speed record back in 1976, and hasn't been broken since then. It was made with titanium we got from the Russians just to spy on... the RUSSIANS! The outside surface temperatures of the windscreen were almost 600! We never lost one to enemy action. All 12 (of 32) that were lost were to accidents.
When I first started researching on SR-71.org, I saw this pic of 61-7955. It has the classic Lockheed Skunkworks logo on the tail, but the thing that caught my eye was the "pose". It's got the rear flaps down and the rudders are out! It's also being towed and the parachute doors are open. So cool. This is what I'm aiming for.

I've started on the interior only. I went VERY simple here because of the "pose" of the aircraft. The cockpit will be closed, and the windows are so small, you won't be able to see anything inside except some color.

1983 Kenny Roberts Yamaha YZR500 OW70
I bought this at the Atlanta show in 2011, super cheap. I've always loved Marlinboron schemes, and this one is no different. It will be built mostly out of the box with aftermarket decals since mine were pretty yellow.

Kenz and Leslie Cougar funny car
Finally busted this one out of the plastic. Pics to come soon. It should be fairly straight forward (out of the box).

1992 Davey Allison Havoline - Daytona WINNER
I cut into this kit the first mention of Mike from Powerslide saying he was going to be offering these decals for sale. One of my favorite race cars of all time.

So far, it's just modifications to the body. Bumpers fit flush, all side windows modded, filled character line, fuel filler, hood fitment, extended the front air dam, rounded the drivers side with Tamiya Epoxy Putty, underhood bracing, hood hinges, and lots of putty/sanding/priming/putty/sanding/priming... :)

This is without a wetsand/polish. It is just Duplicolor black covered with Duplicolor Clear. I heated the can pretty well though in my dehydrator. It went on super smooth though. I'll get it poilished out soon.

Decals arrived, so I got after that polishing. :)
I wetsanded with 2000 grit, then used Tamiya compounds - coarse, fine and finish. Then I decalled with Mike's BEAUTIFUL new Havoline sheet. Then I went over it with some Novus 1 (the liquid stuff) to clean off the decal residue. Now I just need to get crackin' on that chassis.
No 'Havoline' decals on the quarters yet because I haven't cut the side windows, and there is a bit of overlap.

Found a couple better pics, so I adjusted my deacls to match. I removed the front yellow stripe WITH the red pinstripe in favor of just a yellow stripe. I also adjusted the NASCAR logo on the dirvers A pillar. Then I added the Havolines on the rear quarters. I also added the little CCD logos to the rear quarters.